Our team would be honoured to answer any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to any product or service we offer at the clinic.



Clinical Manager + Massage Therapist + Laser Technician

Michel has been in the medical field for over 30 years. He has experience as a Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Homeopath, Clinical and Operational Manager. Michel is the founder of several rehabilitation clinics in Barrie, Brampton, Mississauga and Scarborough. Not only does he manage the clinic but he performs Massage Therapy and Laser Services as well.



Esthetician + Laser Technician

Adriana has over 11 years of progressive experience, education, and certifications, as an Esthetician and Medical Esthetician. She has been practicing in the skin care industry since 2004. With a Chemistry Degree, she went on to pursue her love and passion for skin care by studying and recieving a Diploma at the Toronto School of Esthetics. Adriana uses various restorative techniques and exfoliations to treat patients with different skin conditions by performing Chemical Peel, Green Peel, and Microdermabrasion. She performs Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening Techniques, Talangestasia, and Non-Surgical Lifting Procedures.



Chiropractor + Accupuncturist

Dr. Lyn is a regulated Healthcare Professional since 2000. He is an examiner for the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board, a member of; CCO, CCA, OCA, and certified in Acupuncture by AFCI. Dr. Lyn treats Spinal Cord Injury, Soft Tissue Injury, Chronic Pain, Sports Injuries (Post-operation Rehab, Tenosynovitis, Tendinopathies, Sprains, Strains), and treats Amputation. He also provides custom orthotics and stock modified orthopaedic shoes. Dr. Lyn can provide patients with Nutritional Counseling, Ergonomic Assessments, Rehabilitation Therapy (Neuro-musculoskeletal Injuries), and work-site/home assessments for MVA claims. He is mobile and can perform in-home treatments. 



Medical Esthetician + Registered Nurse

Amira is the owner of Tip & Toe MED Spa. As a successful and prominent Spa owner of 14 years, She is recognized and respected in the industry for her business acumen, and for her expertise as the Spa’s Head Medical Estetician, Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Nurse. Before opening her own business, Amira assisted Dr. Dengago with Permanent Make-up procedures and earned a diploma in Advanced Medical Esthetics. She also holds a certificate from the First Canada Cosmetician and Hair Academy, and has trained alongside medical professionals from Syneron Medical for Elos technology and Prolamian Medical for the Laserscope System. She is experienced and profieicent with a wide range of laser and light-based systems.